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Agricultural Farm Service, Tree Planting Spraying, Herefordshire, Kent

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Having recently relocated from Kent to Herefordshire we are now looking to expand our business in and around Hereford including Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Powys and surrounding areas.

Offering over 20 years’ experience in the agricultural services throughout Kent and the South from spraying and tree planting, to ploughing and harvesting.

Specialists in Spraying

Specialising in spraying and hold the following certificates – PA1 (Foundation Module), PA2 Ground Crop Sprayer, Mounted or Trailed), PA3 Boom Sprayer, PA4 (Slug Pellets, Mounted or Trailed), PA6 (Hand Held Applicator), PA6W (Hand Held and Knapsack – Spraying in or near water). Fully trained and insured in these areas of spraying, using knapsack or tractor. Members of the National Register of Spray Operators.

Tree Planting

Other areas in which we specialise in is tree planting. Covering all areas from fruit trees to hedgerows. Plus as an extra service we can mark out, stake and tie. We can also supply the trees for you if needed.

A Range of Agricultural Work

We also carry out a range of agricultural work, from fruit and orchard work, such as pruning, harvesting and tractor driving to arable work, cultivations, ploughing and drilling. Along with hop garden and vineyard work.

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